Firstly its important the pool or other application is dry and clean and structurally ok, If the lining is for a pool, a temporary cover is then set up to enclose the work site.

Pool-in-France-1 Pool-in-France-2
Pool-in-Hinkley-1 Pool-in-Hinkley-2

The pool  is then thoroughly inspected for possible potential leak points and causes of existing leaks, small cracks are filled, all the underwater fittings are channelled around and sealed at the joins with resin filler.

Next a layer of fibreglass mat is laid in sections and saturated with polyester resin, this is then followed with a surface tissue to give the mat a smooth appearance.

Once this is cured a mosaic can be applied, this is a printed pattern and is bonded permanently to the lining, it can never fade peel off or be damaged by frost or chemicals.
Finally the pool is skimmed to remove any sharp points and then a high performance flow coat is applied, once cured this material has an impervious almost ceramic like finish, resistant to algae growth and dirt.

Lastly prior to filling the pool is inspected and the fittings put back in place.
The process is the same for tank lining and for any other application, and the same high grade materials are used in all processes.