Fibreglass Lining Of Agricultural Buildings / Wall And Tank Linings / Bunds / General Repairs

Current Health and safety requirements are that overflow containment, for chemical storage, dairy walls, and a multitude of other applications require a high performance finish.

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Fiberglass is ideal in these applications as it is a structurally reinforced layer and is impervious to chemical attack, it is smooth and will not harbour bacteria, it can be easily cleaned or pressure washed is impact resistant, non corroding and meets the requirements of any high performance finish requirement agricultural or chemical.

The process is the same as lining a swimming pool with a primer applied, followed by a layer of chopped strand glassfibre mat, and a surface tissue to smooth out the appearance.
Once this is cured a layer of high performance flowcoat is applied as a final protective layer, once this is cured it gives the whole surface a hard almost ceramic finish that will not allow any permeation, it will last decades.

Leaking storage and slurry tanks can be lined as a permanent solution to internal rusting and as a cost effective solution to replacement.